Ultraäänihitsausta puhdastilassa

Olemme hankkineet uuden ultraäänihitsauslaitteen. Teemme myös pienten kappaleiden laserhitsaamista ISO7 luokitellussa puhdastilassa.

Dukane iQ series ultrasonic welding machine

Mectalent has acquired a newest generation ultrasonic welding machine, a Dukane iQ servopress 43S245. The machine is capable of welding virtually all thermoplastic polymers, including the demanding PEEK. Ultrasonic welding allows the creation of complex cavities inside plastic parts and is a low cost assembly process. Creating virtually hermetically sealed welding seams for encapsulation is also possible.

Dukane’s patented iQ Advanced Servo Welders are the next step in the evolution of ultrasonic welding technology. Combining the efficiency and reliability of a 100% digitally controlled Multi-Core iQ Series power supply with the precision of an advanced servo press, the Dukane Advanced iQ Servo Welder delivers unprecedented repeatability, accuracy and reliability to your ultrasonic bonding process.

Heidi Alamikkelä