We’ll transform your ideas into a functional product

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Our expertise is strongly rooted in history

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Be it deep in the sea or far away in space – a piece of Mectalent. Mectalent’s hand reaches far, but the work is done with our feet firmly on the ground, in our customers’ daily business. The foundation is our expertise, which has roots far in history.

Mectalent has accumulated experience and expertise for over three decades. The seed of the company was planted in 1982, when Oulun Hienomekaniikka Oy (Oulu Fine Mechanics Ltd) was founded.

Oulun Hienomekaniikka was renowned as a trustworthy supplier of machined components, modules and whole product families for various fields, including the defence industry.

A new page turned in 1996 with the launch of Coronaria Instruments Oy, a company that produced and delivered surgical instruments and implants all over the world. Mectalent was born in the fall of 2008 through the merger of Oulun Hienomekaniikka and Coronaria Instruments.

Mectalent belongs to the steadfastly growing, Finnish-based COR Group.

Pieces of Mectalent can even be found in people’s hearts and bone marrow. Today Mectalent operates in Takalaanila, an area of Oulu, and even in the future the aim of our operations will be strengthening expertise, expanding know-how and improving service. Long-term partnerships are where our customers can experience first-hand our quality and reliability.


Your expert partner in component manufacturing and precision mechanics

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The foundation of all our work is high quality and answering the quality requirements of our customers. The framework of our work is the ISO 9001certificate, which is a guarantee that the company operates in a customer-oriented and systematic way in developing its quality. It also demands continuous development of processes and operation models.
Our planning and production of medical devices are based on our ISO 13485quality system. With it we ensure that our products fulfil the legal safety and risk management requirements in all the different stages of their life cycle.

In the defense and aviation industries, we work in accordance with the AQAP 2110 and EN 9100 standards.

Mectalent is a top expert in component manufacturing and precision mechanics. Our main focus is on new technology, medicine and the defence industry. Our strengths are also in precision, security and monitoring mechanics, method development, component manufacturing, and surgical instruments and implants.

As your active and inventive business partner we will serve you comprehensively in each step of the production process: we brainstorm, design, analyse, prepare, measure, document and test. We will also take care of the CE-approval of your medical instruments, giving you a turnkey solution.

We tailor each project according to the need, whether it is a functional entity or a single unit. With our extensive know-how, mastery of new technologies, diversified training and academic problem-solving skills, we can conquer demanding, even seemingly impossible, challenges.

We can solve even extremely demanding challenges

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A few of our service stories:

What kind of challenges sparked the creation of Quick Cover for protecting scar tissue? What tilted the choice of a provider of air surveillance radar system control units in favour of Mectalent? What kind of help and relief is brought to little patients by an instrument used in paediatric surgery?

Our Service Stories say it all: We can solve even extremely demanding challenges.