Functional entity or individual component tailored according to your needs

We’ll transform your ideas into a functional product.

Mectalent is a top expert in component manufacturing and precision mechanics. Our main focus is on new technologies, medicine and the defence industry. Our strengths are in precision, security and monitoring mechanics, method development, component manufacturing and surgical instruments and implants. We also have a validated class ISO8/GMP D cleanroom for products with high cleanliness requirements.




”Mectalent has insight and quick understanding. They have the overall know-how needed to produce our products.”
— Production Manager Sami Lahokoski, NRPL Group Oy
“A certain device would have been suitable for us, but it is no longer available,” Willy Serlo says. “I gave the idea to Mectalent and described what we need, and they developed a solution.”
— Willy Serio,
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