Control units for air surveillance radar systems


Project background

Overall management was a decisive factor when the NRPL Group Oy, which designs, produces and sells air surveillance radars, was looking for contract manufacturers and partners in Finland.

The NRPL Group’s parent company had moved their production a few years earlier from Russia to Finland. In connection with the change, the company performed a major survey of the industry’s special expertise in the private sector of Finland.

Mectalent’s strengths are insight and understanding

Finding the needed know-how was a big challenge because there was very little expertise in air surveillance radars in the private sector in Finland.

“Competitiveness, high quality and extensive know-how” were the criteria that the NRPL Group’s partner had to fulfil, according to Production Manager Sami Lahokoski.

In the extensive survey performed by the NRPL Group, Mectalent stood out with its command of the whole process and was chosen as a partner.

“Mectalent has insight and quick understanding. They have the overall know-how needed to produce our products,” Sami Lahokoski says.

Deep strategic partnership

Mectalent manufactures radar control systems for the NRPL Group, producing them from start to finish and making them ready for their final test.

The industry is developing rapidly, and product development must be constant. According to Lahokoski, the task demands the partner to stay incessantly at the cutting edge and to continuously train its personnel to face new challenges.

The partner’s comprehensive expertise is felt in the depth of the cooperation.

“Mectalent is definitely a strategic partner for us. This describes how extensive this cooperation is,” Sami Lahokoski says.

”Mectalent has insight and quick understanding. They have the overall know-how needed to produce our products.”

Production Manager Sami Lahokoski, NRPL Group Oy